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USA Aerial Banner Messages
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Loan Officers Cheap Lead Generation: What Works the best!

Loan Officers: Internet vs public data vs Aerial Banner Advertising lead generation.

When it comes time for a loan officer to choose a great lead provider they must consider the following.

How are the leads generated? Internet vs public data lead generation vs Aerial Banner Ad effectiveness.

All of these leads have there pro's and con's. Internet data means the user probably didn't just go to one site they usually visit many sites and don't really pick up the phone. As you know when they fill out the on-line form. They usually get contacted by many other Loan officers like yourself. Making the sale 10x's more expensive and less effective. Even though hot. Very hard to close.

 Data Leads are next to worthless. Very cost effective for Loan Officer Leads but no matter what they say worthless. I have made 1000's of phone calls in my life off data. You may find some good data from time to time. But most of the time your getting a lot of free data to replace the bad, until one day they stop answering the phone. I have lived this so I know it happens.

The way I feel is if you can get a person to call you because they are interested, it's as solid as a referral from a past client. You know the deal is going to close. This is where aerial banner advertising comes into play.

Many LO's think that spending there money on Triggers or Live Transfers or data is the way to go to refinance or get purchase mini apps. But unfortunately it's not.

 These leads are often over priced you spending around $3,000 for hang ups and aggravation. Why am I telling you this?

The way Aerial banner advertising works is simple. You contact us. In return you tell us an area you would like to attack. We tell you the price if your happy we do business. In some cases we can offer an area closer to where our pilot is and if it would be more cost effective for you. The price drops down and we can do business.

It should be said that many people don't really know good places to fly so contact us we know all the hot spots and events.

Hot places or special events to fly? Fairs, Festivals, Parking lots, Beaches, NFL Stadiums, College Stadiums, Pro Events, Traffic, Parks, Shopping Centers and anywhere else you can think of. Most Flights will get you over 100,000 Impressions. Your ad will catch the people that want to do business.

Here are some Special idea's that Personalized Aerial Banners Messages could be used for:

Personal Banner Messages:

  • Unique Marriage Proposals
  • Will you Marry Me?
  • Will you be mine?
  • I Love You Idea's
  • Happy Valentines Day
  • Happy Holiday
  • It's a Boy / Girl
  • Family Picnics
  • Family Reunion
  • Welcome Home / Back (Armed Forces)
  • Congratulations of Any Kind
  • Graduation
  • Religious Holidays
  • Giving Thanks

Personalized Aerial Banner Towing Examples

Corporate Banner Advertising:

  • Corporate Aerial Ads
  • Company Picnics
  • Loan Officer Lead Generation
  • Car Dealership Lead Generation
  • Instant Lead Generation
  • Realtor Lead Generation
  • Political Campaigning
  • (Presidential, Senate, Local, State Government)
  • Branding a Product and / or Service
  • Advertising Weekly Specials
  • Creating Company Awareness
  • Open Houses
  • Great for Local Sales Events
  • Great to drive walk in customers
  • Local Competitions
  • Local Awareness

Corporate Aerial Airplane Banner Towing Examples

Fly Personal or Business Aerial Airplane Banner Messages

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